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Vintage Publishing Profits – Profit from the Past with Free Content

Vintage Publishing Profits

Debbie Drum and Amy Harrop just released Vintage Publishing Profits.

As you can see on TV shows, books, and popular culture…what’s old is new again. Smart authors, marketers, and publishers are leveraging “old” content and profiting from the past. Amy and Deb’s newest training, Vintage Publishing Profits, reveals how you can easily create in-demand books and products for high-interest audiences with free content.

The course comes with 5 modules:

  • Module 1: Why even bother with this niche
  • Module 2: Topic, trends, and niche research
  • Module 3: Finding and creating content
  • Module 4: Publishing your content
  • Module 5: Promoting your content

Here are just a few things you’ll learn:

  • How to get a book out that you don’t have to write yourself.
  • The best methods to publish your content.
  • How to find targeted people who are passionately interested in certain topics.
  • How to determine whether publishing content in a niche is profitable.
  • How to insure your product’s success before you publish.
  • …and more!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic way to create multiple publishing income streams. You can learn more here:

Get Vintage Publishing Profits Now!