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What if You’re Not Accepted into an Affiliate Program?

If you’ve ever applied to a lot of affiliate programs, you probably know what it’s like to be denied to one of them.

Sometimes, affiliate programs can be pretty specific on who they’ll let into their programs. Some of them want to see your website to make sure that they want to be associated with you before they’ll accept you.

So if you don’t have a website and get denied, the first thing you should do is create one, even if it’s simple. This will go a long way in getting you accepted into more affiliate programs. It sounds complicated, but it can be done pretty easily (more on that in a later post.)

What if you already have a website that you think fits in with the company you’re applying to, but you still aren’t accepted? Well, take a look at your content. Do you think it’s reasonable? Do you think it would put this company in a positive light?

If so, I suggest that you send an email to the affiliate manager of the program, giving them your details and website, and ask them why you were rejected from their affiliate program.

You’d be really surprised at how many affiliate programs I got into after sending a quick email!

Sometimes it turns out that no one really looked at my website, and when they gave it a look, I was quickly accepted. Sometimes it was something small, like they wouldn’t accept me until I had a privacy policy on my website. A few hours later, I had created one, and was then accepted into that program.

A few times I was still not accepted, but I was almost always given a reasonable answer as to why not. One company wouldn’t accept me because I had a blog, and they didn’t want any blogs are part of their affiliate program. There was nothing I could do about it, but at least now I knew the reason!

I have also been denied because my website didn’t get enough traffic. Sometimes, I have been able to talk to someone and get in, and others I then applied for again when I had more traffic, and was then accepted.

It could be as simple as you’re missing something they’re looking for, or they want you to get more traffic. At least once you ask, you’ll know the reason, and might be able to fix it.

Plus, with so many websites being automated these days, a lot of times affiliate managers are happy to talk with a person, and just by showing that you’re interested and you care will get you accepted.

So if you’re really trying to get into a specific affiliate program and are denied, please don’t give up hope. Usually a quick email will give you a legitimate reason, and maybe it’s something that you can easily fix.