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What is Covert Optin Player (by Mark Dulisse – Just Released)

Mark Dulisse - Covert Optin Player

You want to be able to play videos and build a massive subscriber list, right?

I want to be clear how much incredible value you are getting with the Covert Player Optin Edition.

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Okay, here it goes…you ready?

1. This blows the competitors out of the water.

There are only two of them, and they do not even come close.

Competitor #1 is LeadPlayer. Cool script, but it only does optins on Youtube videos. And, and it goes for $107 and $147 for developers..only for Youtube videos.

Competitor #2 is Wistia. Cool script again, but it only does optins for Self Hosted videos, not Youtube. And, you have to sign up for a monthly plan which starts at $20 for only 10 videos. Yes, the host your videos, but it is very very expensive, especially when you can get your own videos hosted on the cloud at amazons3 for pennies, or on Youtube for free.

Covert Player does Optins on both Youtube videos and Self Hosted videos. Yep, and during launch week you can get it at 50% reduction, so act now if you have not already.

Covert Player also does a whole lot more. Like 3 different Playlist styles, Cnn.com style thumbnail pop outs that works with Youtube, Vimeo, and Self Hosted videos. You get a whole lot more. Seriously, this is high high value.

2. You get the latest technology for online video with HTML5. (flash plugins not needed)

The engine behind Covert Player for self hosted videos is FlowPlayer.

Three days before launch, last Friday, Flowplayer came out with a new and improved version 5.4.1.

The Covert Player team includes this new engine with Covert Player. You get the latest and best online video technology.

3. Covert Player with Self Hosted videos offers you Unbranded videos with the ability to add your own logo.

I need to be clear here so you understand the value.

You will fork out $95 for just one domain to be unbranded, meaning no flowplayer logo in video, with the ability to have your own logo. Want unlimited, that is $995.

With Covert Player Optin Edition, you get UNLIMITED Domains, UnBranded, with the ability to add your own logo.

Plus, you get all the development that made this possible at the click of a button. Imagine having to manually upload this to your own server and configure for each domain (that is what you would have to do) to play one video. You would need to hire a coder who knows flowplayer.js simply to create one playlist for you on one domain.

With Covert Player, you get it all…for under $100.

Get Covert Player now during launch week.

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