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What You Need To Promote

My Biggest Tip on Making More Money with Affiliate Sales

Now that you’ve gone through some affiliate networks and hopefully have seen different products and stores you’d like to promote, I want to share my biggest tip on how you can bring in more money each month.

Promote Digital Products

I don’t know how much attention you’ve paid to the commission rates that you’ll be getting, but I want to talk about that with you today.

With physical products, the average commission rate can be anywhere from 1% – 6%.

So for example, if someone makes a $50 purchase on Amazon using your affiliate link, you’ll earn $2 (assuming you made less than 6 sales with them that month).

While that can really add up if you get a lot of sales…there is an easier way.

Digital products usually have a lot higher of a commission rate. For example, in Clickbank you’ll often find a 40% – 50% comission on a product.

So if someone spends $50 on a digital product on Clickbank, you’ll earn $25.

That’s a whole lot more than the $2 from Amazon!

Of course, it depends on what types of products you’re looking to promote…not everything can be digital. But if you can somehow incorporate selling some digital products, you’ll notice that your income level will rise!

It sounds simple…but it took me a long while to realize that as I kept making sales of a physical product and earned a few pennies at a time…but once started selling digital products as well, saw my income go a lot higher!