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What’s Inside ScriptDoll (Last Chance!)


I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but this is really great if you’re trying to sell something.

Dr. Ben Adkins recently released ScriptDoll, and it will really help you with writing salesletters.

And let’s face it…salesletters are VERY important in helping you sell your products or services.

Well, he dished on his personal resources – talk about no holds barred.

I didn’t want to waste your time. So I took a peek at it myself, and this is what you’ll find inside:

  • “Affiliate Manipulation Page” 2.0 – Bringing affiliates on board is all about knowing what to say, and (more importantly) what not to say. This will help get affiliates involved to promote your product.
  • The Trust Trojan Horse – Building hype for an upcoming launch without being pushy is difficult. With this strategy, you’ll spark the interest of potential buyers and lead them straight to the purchase.
  • The “Web 3.0” Sales Letter – Writing sales letters isn’t like it used to be. This template blends old school methods with new age needs. Showing you how to convert buyers in current markets.
  • The “Sumo Wrestler” ASL – When you’ve got short character limits or tiny time frames to work with, getting your message out can be a real challenge. This template shows you how to get all the information across in a small space, while playing on key psychological elements that move your audience to take action.
  • “Vampire Upsell Pages” – Once you’ve got your customer in the “buying mood” you can easily boost your bottom line. Not only will this template show you how to double your initial sale, you’ll be able to tack on high ticket items.

The verdict? This is good. Real good.

Click here to secure your copy right now.

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