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Where to Put Your Affiliate Links

Where are some Good Places to Put Your Affiliate Links?

Great…at this point, you should be a part of at least one, if not more affiliate programs.

So now you may be wondering…

Where do you put your link?

The quick answer is – anywhere you can! The more you get that unique link out there, the more people can click on it and you’ll have a better chance at making money.

Of course, you don’t want to spam or be a pest…so be careful where you post it.

One of the easiest ways to use your affiliate link is in email.

You can put a link in your signature, so after you write your name you can say something like Shop at Amazon, and the link will be an affiliate link.

Here’s an example:

text of your email here.

Shop at Amazon to get the best prices on books!

If you’re writing a lot of different people each day, this is a great way to get your link out there. Just be sure it’s a link that people you email would appreciate.

But don’t worry, that’s definitely not the only way to get your link out there.

This works well with Social Media websites too. Telling someone about something you just purchased? See if you can get an affiliate link so when you share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll make money if they buy it too (or buy anything else while they’re on the site.)

Next time we’ll talk about more places you can promote your affiliate link.