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Why use Email Marketing?

If you’re just starting out, you’re probably wondering why it’s so important to do “email marketing”, which is exactly what it sounds like…market via emails.

While having a website is great, you can only get your message across when someone comes to your website. So if someone comes to your site once, you only have one chance to sell them something.

If on the other hand, you get their email address, you have the chance to get your message across multiple times, and get multiple chances to sell something to them, even if they never visit your website again.

So if you can offer quality content, why not build a list and send an email to your list every once in a while? It’ll give you the chance to sell more, and you only had to do the work (get the customer) once, and yet you can keep making money off of the same list.

Plus, if you send an email out letting your list know when you have a new blog post, or a new product, etc… you’ll also get more traffic to your website that you might not have gotten. Because how many times have you gone to a site that you liked, but then forgot about it a few days later? This way you’ll be able to get people who already liked your site the one time, to come visit your site again.