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WP Profit Hack – Want to Earn Money when Someone Opts-in to Your List?

WP Profit Hack

Earlier this year, I added something to my opt-in thank you page, and it’s really helped me earn more money.

You see, what I used to do was after someone opted into my list for a free report, I’d thank them, and then tell them to check their email for the report.

But what I did was spend some time, and coded a re-direct so that right after the person read the thank you, they’d be sent to a sales letter.

It worked well as I made some sales off of it. My only issue was that it took a while to set up.

I just saw that Brett Ingram launched something that does this for you, without any coding at all. I know that will save a lot of time if you were going to do it yourself (if you know how to code), and if you don’t, it’ll let you send your opt-ins to an offer right after they sign up for your list!

Brett calls the plugin WP Profit Hack, and it’s easy to set up. Once you set it up, your new subscribers will automatically be sent to whatever page you choose. You’ll even get 5 thank you pages to choose from.

Depending on what you want, you can send someone to the sales letter of one of your products, or use an affiliate link to send them to someone else’s offer. Either way, you’ll make money if they buy something.

Think about how much your profits can soar if you start making money when people sign up to your list!

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