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WP Sales Chimp is Now Live!

WP Sales Chimp

A few days ago, I posted about a tweak that you might not be doing…and that it may be costing you thousands of dollars in sales.

Any idea what that may be?

It’s using “ugly” links in your business.

Yes, you read that right. Anytime you use one of those really long and “ugly” affiliate links, it’s costing you sales.

Think about it. Your visitors and customers already come to your site with their guards up. When they see that type of link, they figure it’s spammy, and won’t click on it!

What’s even worse, if you’re using services like TinyURL and Bitly, not only will people think it’s spammy, but you don’t have control of it and those links could end up not taking them where you wanted them to go.

This is why a group of marketers just released WP Sales Chimp.

WP Sales Chimp allows you to create, customize, track and analyze ALL your marketing links inside of ONE central dashboard.

This will give you the power to nearly double your sales almost overnight!

WP Sales Chimp:

  • Puts you back in control of your business and removes you having to use 3rd party services like TinyURL and Bitly.
  • Increases your click-thru rates dramatically by making your links “prettier” and more appealing.
  • Increases your sales by allowing you to pin-point EXACTLY which links are making you money.
  • Allows you to analyze what time of the day people are clicking on your links the most so you can optimize your campaigns.
  • Neatly organize all of your marketing links from one place so you never lose a link again.
  • …and much much more.

It’s a tool that EVERY website owner should own.

Get WP Sales Chimp Now!