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WPSignalTracker Discount is Live – Social Sharing Monitoring Dashboard!

Mark Thompson - Signal Tracker

WPSignalTracker is now live.

WPSignalTracker is the ultimate social sharing/signal monitoring dashboard that can track:

– Facebook
– Twitter
– StumbleUpon
– Pinterest
– Google+
– Delicious
– LinkedIn

…across all of your websites and posts, and from the comfort of your WordPress Dashboard.

We all know that SEO + Social Sharing/Signals are blending is as one, with a MASSIVE shift to content engagement and sharing becoming the main factor in organic rankings!

Which is why Social Analytics is more important than EVER.

So for 7 days, WPSignalTracker is giving a 70% discount on their NEW plugin.

Grab you copy, as the price is increasing ever 10 sales.

Get WP Signal Tracker Now!