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How to Cloak Your Affiliate Link (or How to Make Your Affiliate Link Look Pretty)

Once you’ve seen your affiliate links, you’ll notice that they’re not the nicest looking links out there, and it might be difficult to get people to click on them.

For example, CJ’s links start with weird domains such as “anrdoezrs.net”, “jdoqocy.com”, and others, and have a bunch of numbers after them. Linkshare’s go to “linksynergy.com”, etc. Your customers might wonder why the links look like that, and might not want to click on them.

This is why you want to make your links look nicer…and the good news is that there are plenty of ways to do so.

A simple way is just to use Bit.ly (or another link shortening website). If you go to Bit.ly, you can copy and paste your affiliate link, and it’ll give you a much shorter link that starts with “http://bit.ly” and then has characters after that to make it a unique link. At least this way, your customers will know that you shortened the link, and will be more likely to click on this instead of the really long links above.

An even better way is to use a script that will use your own website as the link, making it look really nice. For example, I can use “http://beginneraffiliatemarketingtips.com/join-aweber” to send someone to Aweber instead of showing my full link which wouldn’t look as nice.

How do you do something like this? There are a few ways to do it, and the easiest is with a script or plugin. I personally use Pretty Links, which is a WordPress plugin, but there are plenty of free scripts and WordPress Plugins out there that will do the same thing.

I really recommend finding either a script or plugin to use, as it’ll make your links look a lot nicer. You can find free solutions out there, so you really don’t have any reason not to.


  1. I personally use clixtrac, but am considering using affiliate redirector (one time download-non recurring)