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RunClick – Run Unlimited Webinars and Hangouts for One Price!

Runclick Software - Run Webinars With Hangouts

This has to be one of the hottest WordPress plugins to launch in a long time, and it is now finally available…and at a price so low, you’ll probably re-read it a few times thinking that you’re reading it wrong.

This plugin is different. It is unique.

It’s called the RunClick Unlimited Webinar System, and it has just gone live with special offer pricing.

Have you heard of Google Hangouts? If so, then I am not surprised. It is one of the FASTEST growing systems online.

If not, then chances are, you WILL before another month goes by.

Big name marketers have started using hangouts as a massive way of reaching their audiences, and exploding their bottom line in the process.

And now, you can tap into this power in a way that is SIMPLE.

From your WordPress dashboard, you can capture leads like you have NEVER done before.

You’ll have a built in FOLLOW up system, and tap into the power of Google hangouts in a way that will make you WISH you had this 6 months ago.

Grab any video, or even make one yourself (without being on camera!), and RunClick will even create a true EVERGREEN webinar funnel for you!

Making money online always follows a proven path – and if you have seen massive success stories online from online presentations (like $10,000 in 3 days as a true example), then you will know how achievable this is.

Right now, for launch only, this plugin will offer unlimited seats, unlimited events, and unlimited sites, for one incredibly low fee.

After this launch special is gone, and the plugin is going up to it’s commercial pricing with ongoing monthly fees.

But if you get it now, you get to lock it in for life.

Seriously – the power of this system is incredible.

Tapping into the incredible power of Hangouts (and the SEO rankings that come with them) will change your online marketing for good.

Grab it FAST while the launch special is on – you will be EXTREMELY glad you do.

Just think, you’ll never have to pay webinar fees again!

Get RunClick Now!

Webinar Express = Worpress + Google Hangouts

Webinar Express

Have you see Google Hangouts yet?

With it, you can:
– File Share with Attendees
– Screenshare, Video Calls/Conferencing
– Instant Messaging
– Live Streaming
– Integration with other Google Apps

…and NOW you can conduct webinars!

A NEW WordPress Plugin takes all the power of Google Hangouts and incorporates a full-blown
Webinar Platform around it.

It’s called Webinar Express and they are changing the way that marketers conduct webinars.

Included are:
– Customizable High-Converting Registration Templates
– Auto-Responder Integration
– Facebook Connect Registration Option
– Q&A Management for Admins
– Video Feed Embed (ie: Google Hangouts)
– Unlimited Attendees
– Replay Templates w/ Countdown Timer
– Call to Action Buttons at Pitch
– In-Webinar Social Sharing

So let me ask you, why you ANYONE pay hundreds of dollars every month for a webinar solution, when you can grab a copy of Webinar Express at a one-time discounted price?

…and leverage all of the features of Google Hangouts and GoToWebinar AT ONCE!

Let this be fair warning, that this is only a 7-day special where you can grab Webinar Express at a 70% discount.

So check out the DEMO and prepared to be blown away, then grab your copy TODAY.

Get Webinar Express Now!