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Closing Tonight: Digital Publishing Blueprint – The Next Big Thing

Ed Dale - Digital Publishing Blueprint

SOLD OUT! – Is what the message will say on the Digital Publishing Blueprint website once the clock strikes Midnight PST Monday night (3am EST on Tue).

By now you’ve seen the emails about how Ed Dale has released his full Digital Publishing Blueprint training (& Magcast software) for publishing your own digital magazine – or MagCast – on Apple’s Newsstand.

This allows you to get your message in front of 600 million hot prospects, who with just one-tap on their iPhone or iPad, can order what YOU have to offer.

This is the same, step-by-step system where Ed and 350 of his successful students were able to gain over $1.25 Million customers in less than 11 months, with NO PAID ADVERTISING!

The BAD news is that this offer disappears TONIGHT at 12am PST (3am EST on Tue), so you need to act fast.

Get Digital Publishing Blueprint.

Here’s everything you get with Digital Publishing Blueprint…

Digital Publishing Blueprint is a 7-week Digital Publishing Blueprint & Platform Online Training.

This comprehensive program is a 7 module deep-dive training on how to CREATE beautiful digital magazines with really cool features, and learn how to MARKET them strategically and effectively to build an enduring influence in your market.

You will learn the strategies and tactics for creating and marketing a magazine on Apple’s Newsstand from square one.

This will include…

  • Lifetime! Full, No-Cost Access to The MagCast Platform
  • 7-week Digital Publishing Blueprint Online Training
  • Magcast Magazine design templates for Mac and PC
  • Social Media Shout out when your Magazine has been published
  • BONUS: 7 Week Coaching Calls With Ed & John
  • 100% Guarantee, 30 Day Money Back
  • And much, much more!

Still have questions?…

Here’s what we recommend…

STEP #1: Get Digital Publishing Blueprint.

— Go ahead and secure your spot in their program, and immediately login to the members area, and see what Digital Publishing Blueprint is all about.

STEP #2: Ask Ed Your Questions LIVE!

— Ed is hosting a LIVE Hangout tonight at 8:30pm EST (5:30pm PST) to share more about the Digital Publishing Blueprint training, as well as to answer YOUR questions LIVE during this high-value, LIVE event.

— Look at this as an advance “coaching call”, helping you get off to a strong start with Digital Publishing Blueprint!

The doors close TONIGHT, so take just a few minutes right now to get your hands on Digital Publishing Blueprint, and instantly gain access to a network of over 600 million iPad and iPhone users, who are eager to make 1-click purchases of digital magazines such as yours.

Don’t Miss Out: Get Digital Publishing Blueprint Now!

Digital Publishing Blueprint: Publish Your Own Digital Magazines on iPads and iPhones

Ed Dale - Digital Publishing Blueprint

Digital Publishing Blueprint is finally live!

Ed Dale is releasing his full training and software for publishing your own digital magazine – or MagCast – on Apple’s Newsstand.

Get in front of 600 million hot prospects, who with just one-tap on their iPhone or iPad, can order what you have to offer.

Find out the full details below.

This is the same, step-by-step system where Ed and 350 of his successful students were able to gain over $1.25 Million customers in less than 11 months… with NO PAID ADVERTISING!

Whether you want…

  • More customers
  • More leads
  • More exposure for your business
  • …etc.

… publishing your own digital magazine is truly the “next BIG THING”, but it’s up to you to jump in while it’s hot, and so highly effective!

Start your own digital magazine today.


There are “FAST ACTION” bonuses that will go away very quickly, so you need to take advantage of this
right away to get those valuable bonuses.

Not only do you not need a website, product, or a list to make it big with Digital Publishing Blueprint, but…

You don’t even need an iPhone or iPad to achieve massive results as a Magcast publisher with Digital Publishing Blueprint!

Lock in some killer “Fast Action” Bonuses by getting Digital Publishing Blueprint now…

Get Digital Publishing Blueprint Now!

Create Your Own Digital Magazine (No iPhone/iPad Required)

Ed Dale - Their Own Words

Learn how Ed Dale and others have used Apple’s Newsstand to:

  • Get in front of a network of 600 million people who will impulsively get (with 1-click) what you have to offer
  • Gain 1,000,000+ customers in 11 months.
  • Add 7,000 email subscribers in only 3 months.
  • Publish their own digital magazines.

…and how you can too!

It’s time to show you, exactly how to get the content, the pictures (without paying a cent for them) and show you the software that makes it possible and show you how easy it is to use…and how you don’t need any Apple gear at all.

Here’s just some of what he shares in this video:

  • How EASY it really is to create your own digital magazine.
  • The simple way to find articles for your digital magazine.
  • How to get professional pics for cheap (or free.)
  • The RIGHT way to create your own Magcast.
  • How to get your digital magazine created in just a matter of a few weeks.
  • Why we’re focused on Apple vs. Android (for now.)

Check it out now:

Learn How to Publish Your Own Digital Magazine

iPad/iPhone Publishing Profits – Watch Ed Dale’s Free Google Hangout Replay Now

Ed Dale - Free Live Hangout

Did you get a chance to join Ed Dale yesterday on his free Google Hangout?

During it, he showed people how to tap into a network of 600 million people who are eagerly making 1-click purchases with their iPhones and/or iPads for info on hundreds of topics.

Ed and 350+ of his students have gained 1,000,000 customers within only 11 months with NO paid advertising, and he showed others how you can get in on this new revolution.

You aren’t out of luck though. He recorded it, and you can watch it now, and learn the same great stuff that was taught last night – for free!

What’s REALLY cool is that you don’t even have to own ANY kind of Apple device whatsoever (not an iPad, iPhone, or anything like that), to get in front of this rabid crowd of BUYERS!

Why watch the free Hangout replay? Check it out:

  • Where the new “starving crowd” is today, & how to leverage it!
  • How 350 people gained 1,000,000 customers in 11 months, with NO paid advertising!
  • How one person got 7,000 subscribers in only 3 months!
  • Why you don’t need an iPhone, iPad, website, list, or product to make it BIG!
  • Ed will answer your questions LIVE!

Have you been waiting for that one thing that you can really “hit it big” with?

This is it!

Join Ed Dale on the Free Google Hangout Replay!