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Webinar Jam – This Inexpensive Software Can Drastically Change How You Run Webinars

Running webinars can make you a lot of money.

If you ever used webinars before, you know there is no better way to get higher conversions than to pitch to a LIVE audience from the comfort of your computer.

If you don’t have any way to use webinars, or are using something that you pay monthly for (and yet has a cap on how many people can be on the webinar), then you need to check out Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime’s new Webinar Jam software.


  • It does more than GotoWebinar.
  • It’s easier to use.
  • It’s made for marketers, by marketers.

You see, GotoWebinar costs $6,000 each year ($499 a month), and yet doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of marketing
features or scalability that Webinar Jam has.

And for a limited time…Webinar Jam is just a one-time investment of only $297.

…not per month,
…not per year,
…but EVER.

Just a one time payment, and you never pay again to use the service.

You get unlimited attendees and unlimited webinars.

And with Webinar Jam’s unlimited attendee capacity, when you see person after person show up, you won’t worry about people getting kicked off the webinar due to attendee caps.

Don’t miss out on the one time payment.

This special price will only be available for a limited time only and will return to the normal $297 a year price when the countdown timer ends.

Check out Webinar Jam Now!

WebinarJam from Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins – Unlimited Attendees, Unlimited Webinars, and More


Do you do webinars?

If not, is it because it’s too expensive, or you don’t like the idea of monthly fees?

Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime recently released WebinarJam, a reliable webinar platform that you can use to host unlimited webinars with, and have unlimited attendees on.

This is a huge difference than other webinar services, where you have limits on how many people can be on a webinar at a time.

The people who sign up for your webinars won’t need to have a Google account or Gmail account, as they’ll use their regular email accounts to log in, which I think is a great plus as no one wants to have to sign up for an account just to be able to attend your webinar.

Mike and Andy offer you a lot of choices with WebinarJam. You can use point and click templates so that you can make your registration pages look great, even if you don’t know how to code at all!

Want to charge for someone to attend your webinar? That’s easy to do with WebinarJam as well!

You can even sell things through the webinar! It’s nice and easy.

While I can list all of the cool things that WebinarJam does, I think you’ll appreciate it a lot more (and see how neat and easy it is) if you check it out yourself:

Learn More about WebinarJam

Webinar Ignition – Webinars Just Got Easier and More Affordable

Mark Thompson - Webinar Ignition

Have you seen others doing webinars, and wanted to be able to run them yourself…but thought they were too expensive?

I can definitely see why.

Many of the options out there you have to pay monthly, and it isn’t cheap. And even with that, you have a limit to the number of people you can have on at one time.

But when you hear what webinars can help you do with your business, you know you need to figure out a way.

Especially when you hear that webinars have been proven to:

  • DOUBLE or TRIPLE conversion rates (compared to standard sales pages)
  • Hyper-engage with our target audience
  • Allow the ability to sell products at 5-10x higher than normal
  • Build amazing value
  • Build trust and relationships with prospects and customers

However its EXPENSIVE for professional webinar software.

It just seems crazy to pay up to $499 each month to host a limited number of attendees.

Well now you can host unlimited webinars, with unlimited attendees, and have more engaging features than a GoToWebinar with NO Monthly Fees (can’t beat that).

WebinarIgnition is an all-in-one webinar solution, that provide robust features, including:

  • Live or automated webinar funnels
  • Customizable high converting registration templates
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Facebook connect registration option
  • Q&A management for admins
  • Video feed embed (i.e. Google Hangouts)
  • Unlimited attendees
  • Replay templates with countdown timer
  • Call to action HTML or buttons at pitch
  • In webinar social sharing
  • Email and text message reminder system
  • Live console (for real time tracking and management
  • …and so much more

Now Internet entrepreneurs can push webinar marketing to the top of their marketing strategies, that can deliver a 50% to 100% increase in conversions, the ability to engage with your audience, sell products at higher price points, add amazing value, and more.

Stop paying HUNDREDS of dollars each month and make a one-time investment, while gaining access to the most flexible webinar solution on the web.

Check out WebinarIgnition Now!

Webinar Ignition – Create Live and Automated Webinar Funnels

Mark Thompson - Webinar Ignition

Are you looking for a new webinar software…one that you don’t have to pay monthly fees for?

If so, make sure you keep on reading.

You know how certain products set benchmarks and industry standards for marketing software?

For example, when you think of market research, automatically Market Samurai comes to mind.

Well, now there is WebinarIgnition, setting the standard for creating LIVE and AUTOMATED webinars!

Now you can create, host and manage webinar funnels unlike EVER before.

Check out the many features/customizations inside of this software:

  • Live or Automated Webinar Funnels
  • Customizable High-Converting Registration Templates
  • Auto-Responder Integration
  • Facebook Connect Registration Option
  • Q&A Management for Admins
  • Video Feed Embed (ie: Google Hangouts)
  • Unlimited Attendees
  • Replay Templates w/ Countdown Timer
  • Call-to-Action HTML or Buttons at Pitch
  • In-Webinar Social Sharing
  • Email + Text Message Reminder System
  • Live Console (for real-time tracking + management)
  • …and so much more

Watch WebinarIgnition in action at the link below.

Over 4,000 members are already using WebinarIgnition, offering valuable feedback and suggestions. In fact, many of the suggestions have already been implemented into the software.

This is an ESSENTIAL piece of software to put in ANY marketers toolbox. Best of all, its only a ONE-TIME cost (no monthly fees.)

Check out WebinarIgnition Now!

Webinar Express – How to Build a Massive, Responsive List with Webinars

Webinar Express

If you want to build an email list FAST, webinars are perfect because they have one of the most important elements of a persuasive offer built right in.


People are scared that they’ll lose out on something that could change their life or business.

Unlike eBooks or an e-course, Webinars get people to show up for a LIVE event, and this event is great for building rapport and establishing credibility with newly gathered email subscribers.

This rapport helps in building a RESPONSIVE email list.

One major problem marketers have is the hefty recurring price tag that comes along with webinar platforms like GoToWebinar.

Not anymore!

Webinar Express, a brand new Webinar Platform that just launched allows you to create professional webinars using ANY WordPress Site + Google Hangouts.

Features Include:

  • Customizable High-Converting Registration Templates
  • Auto-Responder Integration
  • Facebook Connect Registration Option
  • Q&A Management for Admins
  • Video Feed Embed (ie: Google Hangouts)
  • Unlimited Attendees
  • Replay Templates w/ Countdown Timer
  • Call to Action Buttons at Pitch
  • In-Webinar Social Sharing
  • …and much more.
  • Now EVERY webinar registration will automatically be added to your Email service of choice through high-converting landing pages that utilize Name/Email submit OR the popular Facebook Connect feature.

    Watch Webinar Express in action:

    Get Webinar Express Now!